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Rebel Programmatic Trading Desk
Digital media empowered by technology helps us deliver the most effective digital campaigns for our clients.
About Programmatic

Programmatic ad buying uses artificial intelligence algorithms to buy ads, target specific audiences and give users a better experience when interacting with their daily digital devices and applications.

Specialized Online Media Buying

We provide specialized online media buying as a managed service for traditional ad agencies and direct clients. Programmatic technology allows our advertisers unparalleled targeting capabilities as the software can utilize real time data, exposing the ad messages to the right audiences at the right time.

Unparalleled Targeting Capabilities

Programmatic gives advertisers unparalleled targeting capabilities as the software can utilize real time data, exposing the ad message to the right audience at the right time.

Real Time Reporting

Your campaigns and ads adapt in real time to audience interaction. At any time you can measure performance and adjust for the biggest impact via our dashboards.

Cost Efficiency

Programmatic advertising is the most efficient digital media buying option when it comes to cost. Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and real time optimizations keep the costs at their lowest and the performance of each campaign at it’s best.

Programmatic Advertising Formats

We use and offer creative services for all available digital advertising formats approved by IAB: Display, Native, Email, Social, HTML, Video etc.

Rebel Media Programmatic Capabilities

We utilize the best technologies to perform Programmatic media buying locally, regionally or even globally getting the best results for our clients exceeding their KPIs.

Geotargeting & Geofencing

By using GPS coordinates we’re able to create a virtual perimeter and zoom in even further than zip or postal code. Geo Targeting is limited to a specific city or DMA, while Geo Fencing allows you to target specific locations, neighborhoods and spending activities.

Mobile Location Based Targeting

Journey Audiences: build audiences by learning from shoppers as they travel through their consumer journey. Target store shoppers, nearby shoppers, shopper homes, drive-by commuters, similar homes, neighboring homes, shopper neighborhoods.

Dynamic Retargeting

Allows you to show tailored, relevant ads to people who have visited your website. Retargeting pixels are implemented on your website that collect data based on what products or services the user has viewed. The platform then serves a custom banner, specially configured to the interests of the user or person.

Our Clients
DSP Partners

Rebel Media buys programmatic with the most trusted Demand Side Platforms worldwide.

DMP Partners

Rebel Media works with the biggest Data Management Platforms globally.

Inventory Quality

Rebel Media reviews mobile web and mobile app sources to protect from traffic arbitrage.

97% Fraud Free Guarantee

Rebel Media guarantees 97% of the investment will be spent on real people, on real publishers.

Complete Transparency

Rebel Media believes in fair and honest relationships so clients stay informed.

Pre-Bid Viewability

Rebel Media is integrated with MRC accredited partners to improve video viewability.

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Rebel Media Corporation - Programmatic Advertising Trading Desk

Digital media empowered by technology for the most effective digital campaigns.

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